Our purpose is:

 Ą§to proclaim and witness to the Good News in Jesus Christ of the full Christian liberation and reconciliationof all peoplesĄ¨. (Constitutions 101)

Crossing boundaries of country,  language and culture, the Society has as its
 specific objectives:

     ĄP to  establish the church among peoples to whom the Gospel has not been  
     ĄP to help Churches mature  until they are able to evangelize their own and other 
     ĄP To promote dialogue  between Christians and those of other religious traditions; 
     ĄP To facilitate  interchange between local Churches, especially those from which 
       we come and  those to which we are sent; 
     ĄP To foster in local  Churches an awareness of their missionary responsibility.

The Society was founded in 1918 by two Irish priests Fr Edward Galvin and Fr John Blowick for missionary work in China.We have close connections with the Columban Sisters who were founded in 1924.In 1988 the Society established the Columban Lay Mission. At the moment there are 480 priests, from 11 countries, involved in Columban Mission in 16 countries.

St Columban, our patron saint, was an Irish monk who preached the Gospel in Europe. After establishing monasteries in what is now France, Germany and Italy he died in Bobbio, northern Italy, in 615.

More information on the history of the Society is available at our Irish site

http://www.columban.com/history.htm and at our U.S. site


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