There are 23 members in the Region of Japan. 18 are priests and 5 are lay missionaries. These missionaries come from seven different countries: Ireland, the U.S., Australia, New Zealand, the Philippines, Korea and Vietnam. They are involved in the following ministries: building evangelizing communities; ministering to migrants; dialoging with other religions; promoting debt relief for the world's poorest nations; promoting greater awareness and action on issues such as the ecology, global warning, genetic modification of food crops; working with the homeless; sharing in leadership at the diocesan level; Society administration; fund raising; outreach to seamen; community organizing; sponsoring exposure programs to the Philippines for youth; and supporting the Asian Rural Institute which trains students and future leaders from other Asian and African countries in the latest methods of sustainable agriculture.

The  Regional Director is Fr Dave Padrnos

Phone: +81-0438-22-3873
Fax: +81-0438-25-3623

Address of Procure:
St Columbanˇ¦s,                    Phone:    +81-3-3427-9427
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